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Ten of Pentacles and Two of Swords

You didn’t know the big reunion was today. In fact, you went to some trouble to avoid knowing about it.




comparativetarot: Three of Swords. Art by Olga K.


Three of Swords. Art by Olga K.

Beside the Seaside: Ch 8


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Chapter 8

Claire reached out to feel the girl’s forehead, and though Jamie had already told her Faith was running a fever, she was alarmed by just how warm she felt. She had a thermometer in her bag that she would use to get an accurate reading, but no wonder Jamie was distressed.

Faith suddenly shivered with her whole body. “Oh, darling girl…” Claire breathed out. “How long has she felt ill?” She directed this question to Jamie.

“Just since this morning. I’ve kept her back here all day.” He gestured to indicate the space of rooms that belonged just to them, their home within the inn. “She didnae even fight me on it, that’s how I kent she must be feeling bad.”

She had Jamie give her a rundown of Faith’s symptoms and how much she’d had to eat and drink while beckoning Jamie to follow her while she went to put the tea kettle on in his tiny kitchen.

“I’ve been running back and forth all day to check on her, but…” She caught the edge of regret in his voice, the panic.

“Hey.” Claire gave his arm a reassuring squeeze. “You did just fine, Jamie.” Nothing in life had made her feel more vulnerable and ill-equipped for life than being a parent, so she knew what might’ve been going through Jamie’s head just then, but practicing medicine… that was something Claire knew how to do, something she was quite useful at. And she wouldn’t leave him alone in this.

“Maybe in the morning, we can see if Mrs. Fitz can make her some soup. Or at the very least, run out for the supplies for us.”

“Oh… aye, that’s a good idea. I can make a list for her.”

She felt her heart squeeze at the still-frazzled look of him, but he latched onto the task for all that it simply gave him something to do, to feel useful in his own right.

“Steady on, soldier. We’ll get through this.”

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