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The world cannot have enough Root fight scenes. That dress, that elegant movement, that head-tilt at the fight being over so quickly. AND THEN THE KNIFE.

【又講野豬】王國興:送到無人島設「野豬林」 漁護署:島上食物不夠 會游回最近陸地 | 立場報道 | 立場新聞 2019-01-15T16:06:59.000Z

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【棄養動物】政府年花過百萬人道毀滅 外判領養責任收容所缺支援|01周報 2019-01-15T16:00:49.000Z

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Sara Danius in her dress at the Nobel award ceremony on December 10 2018. 

Danius was ousted as a secretary of the Swedish Academy, that awards the Nobel Price in literature, when trying to investigate the accusations of sexual assault and possibly mishandling of funds committed by the husband of a member of the Academy. These accusations had been known by previous secretaries but only now brought forward on the MeToo wave. This is why there is no price in literature 2018.

Danius ended up being forced to resign earlier this year. Several other members followed her, as the Academy split into two factions. Some wanted to continue on as before, others like Danius wanted to investigate.

The man was sentenced to several years in prison for rape on December 3.  

In the neckline you can see a knot closely resembling the pussy bow blouse she wore as she walked out of her last Academy meeting. Many Swedish women wore the blouse in support of her and other women like her that have been forced out when trying to combat sexual assault.

As Danius sat on stage in her role as member of the Nobel board, Horace Engdahl looked on from the audience. Engdahl is a former Academy secretary, current member and close friend of the convicted rapist. 

Engdahl has been leading the charge to get rid of Danius, calling her “the secretary the has failed the most”. (Apparently being a bigger disappointment than the 1874-1881 secretary Henning Hamilton that embezzled huge amounts of money and went into exile).

Oh yeah and last week a Swedish documentary was released where Engdahl had this lovely insight about why so many of the female members of the Swedish Academy has resigned:
“I do not know if men are better off sitting in this kind of assembly or that they better tolerate the kind of stresses that arise when the power struggle rages. This is about power.” (my translation, source)

Sara Danius is a professor in aesthetics. This is not a case of “she just doesn’t know what colors go together.” She wants to clash and stand out and I’m convinced this entire dress is a middle finger towards Horace and nothing can convince me otherwise.

I’m going to disagree with one of your statements. I don’t think the colors clash. 

Bright? Yes. Drawing attention? Absolutely. Both are warm colors with similar saturation. It’s voluminous. She takes up space. The pleating at the neckline and the shape of the cloak reference Court clothing. The ruff around her neck is absolutely a callback to the ruffs worn for royal events. Orange shows up in traditional Swedish folk dress.

This is a much bigger middle finger than appears at first glance.

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a big nobel prize gala mood


from yesterdays , the 11 december 2018, nobel prize gala. in the picture are:

to the left: Mouna Esmaeilzadeh, neuroscience researcher. has a phd in neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

the right: Sara Danius, former head of the swedish academy, which are the ones who hand out the nobel prize in litterature. Professor of Aesthetics at Södertörn University and Docent of Literature at Uppsala University.

Loss Ficlet: Retelling 1.0 (Three Times Jamie Fraser Did Not Get Claire Beauchamp’s Number, And The One Time He Did) (Jamie POV)


A long, long time ago, I promised @balfeheughlywed a Jamie POV on Jamie and Claire’s first meetings (that ficlet is here) in exchange for a wedding moodboard. Here I am.  Delivering like eight months later. I’m sorry! Here it is to celebrate my one year blog-a-versary. I hope it was worth the wait. <3 

Loss (Modern AU)
Retelling 1.0 (Three Times…)
April 2016

This is the creation of a love story.  It is a narrator’s attempt (mine) to breathe life into a series of moments that led to a conclusion that seems improbable absent some guiding force.

Fate.  Karma.  Divine intervention.  Dumb luck.  

These chance encounters –– some moments in time –– became the starting point for an infinity.

A distillery and a lesson on the pronunciation of a name.  An accident and emergency department in a hospital with a busted hand.  A pub so loud it made every conversation for the following forty-eight hours sound as thought it was filtered through cotton.  A charity benefit for a pediatric oncology ward at the hospital where she worked.  A flat in a second floor walkup where we would bind these moments together.

I have never been a believer in love at first sight.

The suddenness of a curtain parting on a moment that is over before it begins.  

First sight.  An instant.  A realization that made me feel stupid that she would be very important to me somehow.  This random customer.  A feeling (not one identifiable as love, but the flaky seed of it from a paper packet in the palm of a hand). The cracking apart of a chest, the larceny of air from the ruby linings of my lungs by amber eyes and a razor tongue.

This woman.  

Well, I had surely known her in another lifetime.  

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