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“Do I look like I eat bugs?!”

I love this frog so much I drew a comic of it.



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You always thought there was something wrong with you. Because you don’t feel things the way other people do. But she always thought that was what made you beautiful. She wanted you to know that if you were a shape, you were a straight line. An arrow.

Shaw was the arrow on the compass that pointed Root home.





It honestly makes me sad that former shippers or ANY OL fan at this point would befriend someone who has created dozens of sock accounts to harass Sam and Caitriona and ANYONE around them or near them.  I don’t care if you love Caitriona and think shippers are mean.  I don’t care if you love Sam and think shippers are jealous of anyone “around” him.  I. DON’T. CARE. 

You are being used by someone who basically forced Luke out of his IG account.  She is crafty and she knows what she is doing.  Just remember that.    She will “pretend” she loves Caitriona.  She will “pretend” and accuse shippers of all of the things SHE has done herself. 

I do understand after “the engagement,” that those of us who love(d) and adore(d) Caitriona were splintered.  It makes me sad, really, because I think it wasn’t just a “shipping” community, it was also a small section of us who were drawn to OL because we liked BOTH Sam and Cait.   But, lets remember who started this mess in the first place.  The one who “practiced” her skills and had her “friends” use the Twilight Fandom as their training ground to mine, bully, harass ……

I DO understand being disappointed with this fandom.  Loving a woman who enjoys laughing, swears like a sailor, has the best giggle in the world, loves to kiss on horses, dogs and goats is someone I enjoy fanning over as well and is more “fun” than focusing on negatives.  But we all will have disappointing moments and times.  I’ve pointed out why I had them in past posts.  That isn’t my point here.  My point is to remember, TRULY REMEMBER, where the problem(s) originated in the first place.  (*By the way", if you are a shipper and have a sock account to harass ANYONE, you ARE a troll and part of the problem.)

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