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Power Jam | Outlander Fanfiction

Chapter 16: Coffee

Two things woke Claire the next morning.

The first was the deep, rich aroma of fresh coffee. Wafting fumes that guided her from the realm of dreams into reality, slow and gentle as droplets of mist drying from her hair.

Even before she was fully conscious, the novelty of it surprised her. Such an awakening was a luxury Claire normally went without. Most mornings, being up and out and gone with the sunrise, she couldn’t conscience brewing an entire pot and therefore settled for whatever caffeine she could nab at the hospital. And on the days when she could make her way leisurely through a cup or two (or five), she always woke to make it herself.

Seconds before waking completely, she took an involuntary breath. The smell was life and warmth itself, and it settled deep in her soul.

And the second thing easing her from sleep was the touch. A single point ghosting down the curve of her temple and cheek. Nearly light enough to tickle. But as her lids fluttered and pulled slowly open, it wasn’t laughter bubbling behind her lips. She didn’t let it loose until her eyes opened fully and she could focus on the figure perched on the edge of the bed beside her. And only then did the sound that was half sigh, half gasp escape.

In the space of a blink, all thought of sleep vanished. Replaced by him.

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Ladies in my village in southern Spain crochet and hang these over this street. by Sylocule

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-  I’m gonna take your picture. So I never forget you or all this.
-  Okay. Me too.

Before Sunrise (1995) dir. Richard Linklater

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Wrapping up lose ends regarding the upcoming chapter of Instruments of Flight. Terrified y’all are gonna be kind of ‘meh’ about it, but it’s building up to something, and sometimes these foundation chapters have to happen! 

This latest chapter will be up by TOMORROW! 

Anyway, here’s a teeny peek at what’s to come. Enjoy!


Emily wandered away, still hearing Dougal grunt as he shoveled beneath the snow. The tree cover being so thick, the snow was still packed here - not wet like back near the house, where the sun was shining bright. Emily shivered slightly as she moved on, a slight breeze pushing her hair out of her face. 

The asphalt caught her by surprise, her toe catching on it, causing her to stumble forward. She’d not expected a road here in the middle of the woods, and she couldn’t help but wonder where it went. The slowly melting snow fell from the trees, dropping all around her, leaving wet puddles along the street. She wondered how long it had been since anyone had driven here. Looking back at Dougal, she saw he was propping himself up on the shovel now, looking her way. 

She gave him a wave, then called out.

“Where does this road go?” 

Dougal moved toward her,  coming closer so he didn’t feel the need to yell.

“It leads to other farms, houses, and finally a village. Isn’t much there now, I expect.” He cleared his throat, beckoning her back. 

“Does it go to your house, too?” 

“Aye - it does, winds around a bit, first.” 

She glanced down the road once more, then joined him, carrying the shovel while he pushed the cart of soil. 


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To Live Again

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In the Mood for Love
2000, dir. Wong Kar-wai

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