Where do I begin?

It’s priceless. When you finish a dance, the smile of the other person is priceless. Some people are amazed how I keep dancing all these years. There are many things make me stay. But recently I know, it’s the smile. I can make someone I know so well or I don’t know at all so happy. I can make someone happy. It’s not by luck or chance. I know how to make someone happy. I learn it, more and more, I practice it, I give it to another dancer.

You never know how much it’s important to me I can make someone happy. And how it makes me happy in return. Nothing on earth can compare. Nothing can compare when I can give something back to the world.

I am not selfless. I have my pathetic reasons. If I take it, it will be taken away. It’s about the deep fear of me – You will be taken away. It will be taken, away. I would give than take. The fear is part of my character.

But it doesn’t stop me from being happy. The mesmerized eyes of the other person unlock the doors and write on my soul. Sometimes even better you know it before the song ends. You feel it through your bodies. It’s not the speeding up heartbeats. It’s not the quicker the pace towards the peak of the music. It’s not the breathless breathing. You feel each other existence. You make the other feel his existence. It’s the sensation my words can’t capture fairly. It’s the sensation making people smile and keep me dancing all these years.

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