This time last year I was planning my trip to BA. I remembered I was so beat I didn’t plan to dance at El Beso that night. But then I was asked to dance a Miguel Caló tanda. In the end he made me almost believe I understood Caló. He said he wanted to dance with me again and if I wanted it too, he’ll be at Maipu 444 tomorrow. I said let’s see and then I was there. I wanted to see the music between us would happen again. It’s a Juan D’Arienzo ‘s tanda. He said I always waited for him when I was dancing. I puzzled and asked if it was bad. He said no, it’s good you wait. I had no idea what he meant by “waiting”, still. We met again in Porteño y Bailarin. He asked to meet me again, to dance in BA, in April 2010. I said in a big sad smile I can’t come back whenever I wanted and needed. It’s now mid January 2011. If on a winter’s night, a traveler, a dancer.

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