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LQ Persicope Footage of Sam Heughan & Catriona Balfe being adorable on the black carpet at the Outlander NYC Premiere/Tartan Affair.

I just had to reblog this because 1. look at his reaction and 2. Caitriona was heading straight for him like she was caught in an alien transporter beam, looks shaken out of a reverie by Lotte? and barely stops before hightailing back on course.  
I love how they orbit each other *sighs*

I just can’t help being nostalgic I remember the first thing they drew my attention and I was having the emmmm moment is how she always puts her hand on his tummy when they are posing for a photo.

Perhaps tummy is the least sexual and sensual body area. But touching one’s tummy is something utterly gentle and loving. How a mother rubs the tummy of her baby. Dogs show you their tummy when they love and trust you and ask for a tummy rub. Lovers’ tummies collide when they are making love.

We may touch our friends and family, we touch their back, their shoulder, their arm but we won’t say hello by touching their tummy.

I have been dancing Argentine Tango for 13 years and I have experienced and seen the first challenge in dancing tango.  You have to really open yourself and hug somebody, from tummy and above to make a tango work.  Even some couples, when they start learning tango together, they are unable to hug their spouse from the tummy, but only hugging from chest up, in the classes. It takes a while of explanation and trust building for people to naturally relax in each other’s embrace, with their tummy closely staying with each other.

As an experience tango dancer, the dance is solely relying on the body connection and communications between partners instead of preset dance sequence, we are the professionals in reading and sensing body language, we are very comfortable in sharing our body with strangers (I’d say, we may have more frequent intimate encounters with strangers and friends than any normal folks on a day-to-day basis), tummy contact is intensely intimate. 

I always put my hand on my hubby’s tummy, when I want to feel his presence, when I want him to feel that I love him very much, I want him to know he’s being taken care of because despite he’s so much bigger than me, he’s a child and a baby to me.  I do that when we are at home, when in public but I want to have him all to myself and the bubble we are in. Yes, we are married now but I have done it since we are dating and to be honest, while we are in love now, we never know what life courses will take us in future.  But I have no doubt my hubs and I have these moments of the profound love of the universe and destiny. A woman’s hand on her man’s tummy.

I will remember forever these moments between Sam and Cait. When her hand on his tummy. When they are posing with tummies connected. Whatever they would like to name their relationship. They are simply names or official titles. As a tango dancer i.e. hopelessly romantic, we only care about the connection, the blank that left unsaid.  We won’t do voice over our connection like, oh you touch my heart like I’ve known you forever but I just know you 10 minutes ago. We can’t even explain it to anyone verbally and say it out loud outside the dance floor because the society does not fucking work this way.  We need name, title, definition, so on and so forth. But I just want many of you to know that, Sam and Cait may never come to realise themselves that what they have been sharing is the love of both spirit and flesh of the century. Neither it matters whether they claim it publicly or not.  Cait loves Sam a lot as much as a woman can love her man with her life. If they are not marrying each other in this life, for whatever painful reasons, I know they must be the ones hurt most. Mark me.

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