Pablo Rodriguez y Noelia Hurtado, dancing “Invierno” at La…

Pablo Rodriguez y Noelia Hurtado, dancing “Invierno” at La Baldosa, Buenos Aires, July 2011.

This is their final public performance. They cried a river by the end of the song and held each other tightly as a proper goodbye. We had seen the miracles they worked together and never know why they broke up. They have paired up with different partners afterwards and she is married to a non-tango guy. 

When tango couples dance, they dance to the end of the universe. After their break-up after many years of dancing, teaching and performing together, we were shocked but perhaps it is the training of tango, life is sad and we are always left heartbroken and longing and missing for the love of our life, then we cherish the memory and move on.

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