OK I’m coming to your old blog with a head scratcher, I do not hate SC and I appreciate their acting, which is good, sadly, they taught me that “stanning” people is a mistake, but I don’t hate them, THAT BEING SAID what the fuck were they trying to accomplish? They’re beautiful, talented people, they’re socially conscious (not #woke by ANY MEANS, but still) and seem nice, did they think their beauty and talent was not gonna be enough? They didn’t need to oversell ANYTHING and yet they did, WTF?

For the first two years up to the IFH, I could MAYBE reach and buy that they were both really green and didn’t know how their behavior together looked to the fans (along with the twitter and Facebook and insta likes, etc.), but after that? After that, it became willful, purposeful deceit. It just did. I know they said The Words, but they never matched the actions up with their “we are not together” bullshit. I don’t even need to list all the things they did, we all know them.

But apart from what they themselves did, why were so many people who surround them doing it, too? Why did WCC’s social media director go on a trip with Cait to Ghana, then come back and follow me, Jess and Julia on twitter at the same time and start liking shipper tweets and pics on IG? Why did Cait’s hairstylist friend tag a Cait Heughan account on IG and talk to it like it was her? Why do her friends follow blatant shipper accounts on IG? HER friends, not Sam’s! Why do people who have worked with them on the show follow shipper IG accounts or like shipper pics? If it was all shipper bait, at least have the moral fortitude and decency to not turn around and throw those same people under the bus then.

So honestly, I have no idea why they’re doing what they’re doing. They couldn’t look shadier. I thought Sam’s descent into the gutter with MM was excruciatingly painful to watch, but Cait jumped head first into it over the course of just about a month and I’m not sure which has been worse to see. I NEVER thought I would see her stage a pap walk. NEVER. I am one of the many shook Oprah gifs right now.

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