We aren’t the intend audience for tonight so it’s not important in the big pic but I can’t help but feel this is going from bad to worse for Cait. For a while now she’s come across as unlikable. Ppl thought it was weird she didn’t thank Sam for her IFTA, tonight she pushed Frank. Small but adds to some thinking she’s stuck up. More important is her overall vibe. She looked awful blocking fans not long ago. Perception of most is she was very brash tonight. Her likability is taking hit after hit.

I am sorry but this is a naive Ask and one intended to make Cait look bad with a broadbrush that is not deserved.

1. Yes, she acted very strange and baffling on Twitter this week.  But I think she’s not been herself for several weeks and that’s because the grapefruit mango juggle is starting to smell. 

2. I already said the night of IFTA that she thanked just her team at IFTA (and I think on purpose).  If you pay attention (which you clearly do not) then you can see those things.  But if you want to wallow in self-righteous anger like you are now, then you won’t.

3. She didn’t push Frank not in the way that you are saying.  She said she enjoyed the scenes with him because it was a great acting challenge to explore the layers of that relationship which, as Toni Graphia said, was watching something two people dealing with something unraveling.  In a way, it was probably like doing another type of show for her which had to be a nice change since she’s only had one opportunity to do that since she signed on to Outlander. 

4. While I am not happy with the fake crap surrounding her personal life so far this year and her decision to take it that far, I do not think she came across as unlikable in any way, shape or form this evening.   I don’t find her stuck up, I find her somewhat shy and somewhat tone deaf. 

But you go ahead and think that. Just don’t do it on my blog any more.  Now that I’m done helping one of my kids with their tax return, my blocking finger is getting a workout for Asks like this, etc. So bugger off.

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