So Sherri, was it really that painful to watc? I didn’t have a link for the panel so I didn’t watch it, but I’d like to know your opinion since you’re one of the few people who’s still trying not to overreact to everything. I know it was a more professional environment, but I read they both made some not so nice/awkward comments (especially Cait). What do you think?

Nah. Not painful at all. It was a professional event with Academy members so I think they were all a little more guarded and stiff at first. Tom (editor Gold Derby, and panel moderator) started off shaky, but I think everyone found their flow. It was much different from fan events and I really liked the different depth to questions. It was good. I always prefer these more professional type panels for real insight. The comic con panels are fun for the inevitable silliness, but I think there is a lot to learn from panels like this (and the writers panel etc).

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