I really can’t with this famdom sometimes. A few RC pictures of them not exactly looking happy and all of a sudden they hate each other. We go from one extreme to the next so quickly it hurts my head. Did Sam just not post a cute photo of Cait on the Starz IG saying how good she looked? Guess that gets forgotten about because we didn’t get a photo of them wrapped around each other. Truly sad.

I don’t know if I would say sad, but it is something I find personally frustrating.  There’s enough to take on face value (good and bad) and enough obvious BS that we tend to spin ourselves up un-necessarily when we try to read things that aren’t there.

People also forget that at the very least, their immediate boss (RDM) was there if not others from either Starz or LGF.  There is probably a lot of pressure on them to act friendly but with nothing that can be mis-interpreted.  Ask yourself why that is?  Co-stars who have SOs in other shows are still very friendly on red carpets.  If the grapefruit is a mango, then they are threading a very tough needle.

And I also saw several pictures where they had very nice smiles.

I’m also reading people’s comments about the panel and wondered if I watched the same hour.  I really enjoyed some of the questions from the audience (what a difference when industry people ask the questions) and some of the answers.  You can tell the answers everyone gave were to describe the amount of work and detail that goes into the show.  The 13 minute opening of the S3 summary was well done.   Remember, this was like a political pre-election town hall where they are trying to get people to vote for them.   Good actors don’t always make good off-the-cuff comments. 

I thought Sam and especially Cait, looked distracted/nervous (maybe jetlagged?) at the beginning but the moderator was horrendous. Truly awful.  He tried to be funny and wasn’t .  He kept looking through his notes.  But I disagree with anyone who says they looked angry.

I thought they relaxed or got their second wind about a third of the way through and starting joking and smiling.  Cait gave a lovely answer about Sam’s performance in 301 and even ribbed him about not giving as effusive an answer back. 

I think she tried to correct herself when talking about Frank and Claire’s marriage being real life but not hers because that marriage was far worse than an average relationship.  Anything more feels like reading too much into that.  It also tells me that she’s aware that people read into every syllable she utters.

My favorite answer was about how Claire learns to compartmentalize.  Something tells me Sam and Cait try to do that too.  The only time they can’t is when they are playing a role in their real life that isn’t truly them, IMO.  And I think we have started seeing some of that with Cait in the past couple of months.

But the one thing that has me most intrigued is the gold band that seemed to play musical fingers today…

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