I know you needed a break from the negativity of our fandom (we could all use a break, that place is been quite toxic over the last few months) but I so miss you and your perspective on things. I’d like to know what you think about this giant mess Sam and Cait are in. I don’t want to let other people opinions influence me, but I do think after the “engagement” things changed between them. They look awkward, it’s like they’re not sure how to behave with e/o anymore, they’re so stiff and guarded.

Morning, bunny. I admit to not keeping up with a lot of the appearances in the last couple of months but after a little surface scraping, as usual I don’t get what the fuss is about. Context of their appearances is important. Time? Place? With whom are they sharing a room? What level of professional veneer is required? How much influence does the moment have on their career longevity and/or perceived standing in the industry? How is the appearance at hand different to others? How is it the same? Does it fit the pattern of more formal behavior for a more formal occasion while the giggles and the sillies are left to different settings? How much weight is being put on their shoulders to not only represent themselves, but the productions in which they are involved as well and what had to be put aside in order for them to be able to handle that burden?

This time of year is awards season and for actors, it’s a completely different kettle of fish. They are in rooms with their showrunners, their networks, and voters with long memories who will pass judgment not only on their performances but also mentally file away how they present themselves off-screen in a professional environment. They’re taking meetings, being reminded of professional objectives and trying to find a balance between advocating for their film or show while also presenting themselves as a singular entity worthy of being respected on their own. There is a lot at stake, a lot of eyes watching and actors shifting into a more professional mode and leaving their personal camaraderie at the door is not only appropriate, but it should be expected. I don’t envy this time (I hated awards season covering it as a writer because it made it tedious and boring) and I’m sure they find solace in each other, as always, in small ways when they’re inside professional purview and more extensively when they’re out. 

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