You know, sometimes I don’t understand the behavior of some of us. What’s the point in tagging the girl all day long in comments and pics of/about Cait and Sam&Cait just to provoke her? What did these people think would happen? She gave a classy answer, and this will get Cait to respond as well. Why can’t people just stop giving her attention if they think that’s all she craves? We are our worst enemy sometimes, and that’s also why Sam and Cait started to see us as the bad guys. Sigh…

I agree with you there. I’d even go one further and say that a SamCait shipper was out of line responding to a Samzie shipper like that. Whenever the situation is reversed we complain about it. We need to stop doing things to others that we don’t want done to us. AND we need to stop giving MacKenzie the attention we say she craves. Troll moves all around….. Samzie, SamCait shipper, and MM.

Just be better.

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