Because of Time’s Up and Me Too, Outlander May Finally Have to Deal With Its Rape Problem Next Season

Because of Time’s Up and Me Too, Outlander May Finally Have to Deal With Its Rape Problem Next Season:


I am hard on Outlander, I know, but that is because, for a series that is praised so highly for many of its good qualities, it constantly skirts over more problematic issues that other shows, like Game of Thrones, get called out for. I understand that some women feel kink- or romance-shamed when people bring up Outlander. I get it. I watch problematic things that I love, but that doesn’t excuse it from being called out when it fails at something. And Outlander has had a rape narrative problem for a long time.

Of all the shows that feature rape, Outlander has managed to escape a lot of criticism because their depiction of rape has always been seen as being done “responsibly and sensitively.” The problem for me is that they have always used this veil of “historical accuracy” to excuse the excessive sexual violence and Jamie’s previous violent treatment towards Claire.

This. This right here is my problem with this series. Stop acting as though rape was never a crime. Yes, men didn’t often get convicted. Well, men don’t often get convicted now. At the time in history where Jamie and Claire are in, rape is most certainly not a “point of view” situation.

Stop acting as though domestic violence, between noble couples (which is what Jamie and Claire were when it happened), wasn’t seen as a sign of instability in the men who did it. Men who were historically cruel to their wives were not lauded in their time, nor in this one; they just had enough power to do so. Also, men beat their wives now and get away with it, so this isn’t an issue of the past either.

Your label as a “historical piece” does not make any of this inherently historically accurate, nor does it mean that it shouldn’t be questioned why every single book has rape in it. These books are written for drama, not fact, although Gabaldon does do a lot of research I’ll give her that.

Still, I find it rings false to paint critics of the show as unable to understand historical differences in perspective, when its premise has to do with a woman time traveling through magical stones.

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