Hi my friend ! Ginger Anon here! I can’t find the TM here in Mn but the comments here today are like “Who the f@@@ is Tony McGill? “. I know she said he’s shy and I got it, but is just weird because no one knows him. And do you know what is more weird? Someone asking if Tony McGill is her handsome co-star like “ow, the handsome young Scottish I meet them last year “

First of all……
Hellloooooooo! So glad to see you again! Hope you are having a beautiful summer so far.

Down to business…..

Lololololololol……her handsome costar…….

Met him last year……..

I love it! This heavy push in Ireland is sort of going over like a ton of bricks, isnt it?

Thanks so much for the info, and the short visit. Don’t be a stranger. We can talk about other stuff too. Do you have sheep? It is my dream that every Irish person has sheep. 😅🐏🐑 or goats…..🐐

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