Omg why people go crazy because we treat Cait the same way we treat Sam? Why showing her contradiction and bad action is a way to worship and excused Sam? Why critizise her way to handle her public image by sell her private life is to find Sam perfect and without fault? Why showing that she indeed do bad things like blocked fan to defend uba or liked ‘his’ tweet is to be on Sam’s side? I am astonished that being angry at Sam is normal but being disapointed in her is to be a jealous haters..

It’s a flaw of the female sex…probably resulting from evolutionary male dominance, a paradigm we are trying to shift…

Unfortunately, many still find it hard to be objective, men preferentially placing blame on women and women preferentially placing blame on men.

Many women in this fandom will find it hard to see Cait’s flaws being different but no less equal to Sam’s and her being just as big of a guilty party as Sam and complicit in everything that has happened in this fandom.

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