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I went to the movies last night and The Spy Who Dumped Me was one of the previews. The only two actors called out were Mila and Kate but Sam had plenty of screen time. I started to grab my phone to film it but it was the same one that’s on YouTube. The preview starts off with a giant Lionsgate filling the screen so as soon as I saw that I sat up in my chair to try to grab my phone and my husband thought I was nuts. My theater has those great big recliners with the little table that swings across you so the logistics were not suitable.  Thankfully, I did not wear my popcorn.  (Sidenote: A small bag of popcorn at this theater is 400 calories while a medium is 800. Yikes, and I don’t even get butter.)

We saw the movie Tag with Jon Hamm and the one thing I can say is it made me glad that Sam and Cat are pursuing other projects because even though this was a comedy, all I could see was Don Draper. So, he definitely is a little typecast in my opinion. And the movie wasn’t that good so I’m surprised he can’t get better scripts. He also did really hokey H&R Block commercials this spring. I’m sure they paid him well but I actually cringed a bit for him.

The man is a multi-Emmy, SAG and GG nominee and winner (he’s been nominated for am Emmy comedy and drama award more than once in the same year) and was an executive producer on Mad Men from season 5 on so it just goes to show you you can’t take anything for granted in Hollywood, including your next hit.

It might be why young actresses take the fake gigs as someone’s boyfriend, that Anna Kendrick described in her book. Or why struggling actors who got their big break in an international TV show, and who were lucky enough to find their soulmate, would do whatever it took to keep that job…

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