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This isn’t what I usually write about, but I think it’s important.

If this is referring to the story I also saw, ICE lied to the airline and told them the children were a sports team. The staff weren’t able to talk to the kids and realize what was going on for sure until they were in the air. You can’t exactly walk off of an airplane at cruising height. So they landed and a) told the airline they had been used to move children, b) told other airline crews what to look out for and, c) told the media about it. There was another flight, I think the same day, where the same thing happened (airline said they wouldn’t move separated kids, government said they totally weren’t separated kids), and the attendants snuck paper and pen to the kids and got them to write down their names, parents names, and any information they knew about where they started and where they were going, and then the attendants got that info to RAICES.

So yes, be prepared to protest and refuse to work. Also be prepared to be deceived into situations where you’ve already become complicit. Your options for useful protest I n those situations are slightly different.

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