Loss (Act II), Part Two


Three folks deserve some thanks here. @kkruml (for always being always fantastic and calling me out on the use of the phrase “miniature refrigerator” and sending me a lot of shouty caps), @sassenachwaffles (same and threatening not to talk to me, but then talking to me anyway), and @kalendraashtar (for being the gut check I needed to post this). 💜

Loss: Act I and ficlets 

Act II: Part One

Loss: Act II
Part Two

I was not ready to say goodbye when Jamie left for Los Angeles.

But now fear resided in the corners of my mind, cloaked and whispering. My mind swam with dark, sinister things that accomplished nothing more than the snuffing out of hope.

The dried up rivers where tears had run on my cheeks, cracked and breaking into tributaries, were for what we had said to one another before he left. 

They were preserved in a crust on my flesh, reminders of the fact that perhaps it had not just been a ‘goodbye for now’ when he left for his trip.  

They were evidence that perhaps it had been an actual goodbye. Full stop on our life together. The end of a love story.

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