“Honestly, I am surprised that question was asked / chosen in the first place. Realistically, I don’t see what she could have done…” Why would you be surprised though, given she sold the “exclusive” to People and has allowed the question numerous times in interviews but still never named the lucky man? She should expect this now that she’s opened it up for public consumption. I’m not trying to criticize but I’m really tired of fans being blamed for everything. Why so evasive? Name him already

Hi ! 

If you could not already tell by my previous answer, to me, the ring incident is rather insignificant and does not change anything. 

With that being said. 

You are right, C. did sell her engagement to People. So naturally, whether it is real or not, it makes it a ‘’ fact ‘’ and not a ‘’ rumour ‘’. Judging from the way it was handled, it was never really just a rumour. This is the story about her ‘’ private life ‘’ that is currently being sold, and there is a purpose to it. You cannot be a celebrity and not have a ‘’ private life ‘’ available to the public. You must be able to sell something outside of your career, that is the sad reality. Perhaps she hasn’t found her footing yet.

Fans obviously can’t be blamed for everything. They are a spectator of something, and will react to what is said and presented. I have always said that to me, the biggest part of the problem resides in the fact that there is a lack of coherence and mixed messages were sent.

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