Is it really a decent strategy to not offer a simple thank you to someone for a congratulations? You can’t claim privacy when you brought the story to People, etc etc. To not show common courtesy in acknowledging well wishes only makes the whole thing seem fishier IMO.

See, I have different thoughts about bringing the story to People.  That was a way to get it out there, big and fast.  It had a purpose that we can guess at but don’t know.

  Most people who read People don’t understand how things work in Hollywood and how that was 100% publicist-fed, etc.  General public other than core, intense fandom won’t even remember.  General public doesn’t read obscure Irish publications or summaries of fan conventions in Las Vegas on Wimbledon/World Cup weekend while the US is in turmoil. Step out of the shipper bubble.

It’s a decent strategy because saying thank you leaves the door open for a follow-up question that she really may not want to answer, especially if she can’t answer truthfully.

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