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Some critics’ words about Sam Heughan in ‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’


“It also nicely serves the movie’s underlying point, which is that international spydom, no less than any other professional field, can be a demoralizing cesspool of male chauvinism. A handsome, arrogant MI6 agent named Sebastian initially seems like an embodiment of that toxic element, a perception that is later shrewdly undermined by the script and by Sam Heughan’s sly performance in the role.”

Justin Chang (Los Angeles Times)

“Sam Heughan, as a spy who didn’t dump anyone, does the hunky Hemsworth-brother-type thing with reasonable aplomb, and Hasan Minhaj steals a scene or two as his status-conscious partner.”

A.O. Scott (The New York Times)

“All the same, the supporting cast does respectable work, with Heughan in particular successfully riffing on his image as the handsome hero from Outlander (even though his romantic subplot with Kunis falls a bit flat).”

Sandy Shaefer (Screen Rant)

“This isn’t to say Kunis doesn’t get anything to do, but she’s the straight woman, the catalyst by which the plot moves. Kunis gives a dependable performance, but it’s in a vein similar to her work in Bad Moms. The majority of her scenes see her paired up with the dashing Sam Heughan, of Outlander fame. Heughan is perfectly suited for a role that you could see Henry Cavill turning down. He’s the eye candy; the “real” spy who is a bit of a letdown when times are tough. He’s a perfect foil to Theroux’s Drew, both being presented as love interests for Audrey but being incredibly flawed.”

Kristen Lopez (Culturess)

“The nice surprise here is Outlander’s Sam Heughan as a dashing intelligence agent of questionable allegiances. Heughan is a genuine leading man:Whenever he shows up, you remember Christine Baranski’s line from Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again: “Have him washed and brought to my tent.“

People’s Magazine

<My Note> I did not go thorugh all the reviews but I picked up some of them. Unfortunately, the movie did not get many fresh tomatoes on the site of Rotten Tomatoes so far. But, hey, forget about reviews. I watched this movie twice and enjoyed it each time. I first watch it at the special screening for ‘Outlander’ fans in NYC, and the second time at the theatre on the 34th street in NYC on opening Friday evening. The theatre was almost full and the audience was totally engaged to the movie. There are a lot of laughters and claps. Maybe because it is in NYC and many people love Kate Mckinnon (Why don’t we? She is brilliant!). But I’m sure there were some Sam’s fans there, too, because I heard some cheers when he showed up on the screen. Overall, it was a very present experience in the theater.

So, I excerpt some words about Sam here.  If you noticed the other one, you are welcome to add some more. I already stated before but I repeat it again. I truly think it is a great choice for Sam to play this role in this movie to expand the fan base outside of ‘Outlander’ universe no matter how the movie is successful or not. Because he clearly showed his ability to play other roles rather than 18th century warrior Jamie Fraser to the broader audience and I’m sure a lot of people noticed about him now. 

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