Sam has said he is quite deliberate in his sm behaviour. I’m confused that the US Weekly article seemed to “de link” him from certain individuals, but he is now back to highlighting this person’s posts for his followers through his likes. I have never considered sm likes to reflect reality but his current approach seems to be an inconsistent message to me. Do you think there is any strategy here?

Friends but nothing more, still friendly even though article says they were no longer rumored to be linked. (Notice they never said dating in that article and neither did he-ever.)

It shows his behavior is consistent.  Friends before and friends after the dates noted in the article (implication-friends during).  In other words, he’s behaving as he always has even though the article was pretty explicit about what didn’t happen and what the new rumors are.  He likes lots of stuff from all his friends. A complete ignore might imply more than friends at one time, even though US Weekly shut that down.

The more I think about that article, it was expertly crafted in so many ways. Tip o’ the hat.

(I also think his PA is doing some of the likes.)

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