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Chapter 4
The War

“Excuse me, young Miss,” the voice said softly.  “The library will be closing now.  You must return your book, please.”

Claire looked up at the older Egyptian man with the kind face.

“I’m sorry, what?”

He pointed to the window, and the encroaching darkness.  “The library is closed, young Miss.”  He bowed in apology.

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” she cried.  Claire began to gather her notes, packing up quickly.  “May I take this book with me?” she asked, “Can I check it out?”

The man smiled kindly.  

“I am very sorry, young Miss.  This is a reference book.  But you may come back tomorrow and request it again.”  He looked at the cover.  “Ah.  Ancient Egyptian queens.  Most satisfying, yes?”

“Yes,” Claire breathed. “Absolutely fascinating.”

Later, back at the tents, she showed Uncle Lamb her research.  He looked over her notes with a critical eye.  

“Too many opinions here, Girl.  Not enough facts.”

“What do you mean?” Claire asked, looking over his shoulder, her curls bouncing with indignation.  “I took those notes right from the book!”

“Really?”  he laughed.  “And the author stated in the book that she was the most beautiful queen EVER?”

Claire shrugged.  “Well, sort of.  I mean he said she was beautiful.”  Uncle Lamb raised his eyebrows asking the silent question.  “But he didn’t say ‘ever’ so…I guess it is my opinion.”

“Remember, Girl,” he advised, “thoughts and feelings stay out of your research.  Stick to the truth, save your thoughts for your conclusions, and be prepared to defend, defend, defend.”

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