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In an effort to “turn” things around here and starting with myself, I am posting what I DO love about Caitriona.  This is NOT to make people feel bad about what they think, believe or how they feel.  When I am having issues with a family member, a friend or a coworker, after my mom has patiently listened to me and why I am “hurt,” “angry,” “frustrated,” etc…She will then ask me.   “Okay, so what DO you like about them?  What positives can you see or how can you change this into a positive?“ This isn’t about "the ring,” or “the engagement."  People’s feelings were genuinely hurt and have been confused by Caitriona’s likes on SM over the last two years, staying silent while HER fans were being run-over by a an Old Fart and his toxic SM, lying sidekick and then blocking some fans for simply questioning why she was standing up for one person and not for many others.  The fans who were blocked loved her and raised money and, even now, I know some speak highly of Caitriona, while still confused over some of her mixed messages.  If you are hurt by someone you love, especially when it happens more than once, there is residual negativity.  I think that is part of what is going on with this side of the fandom and I get it…….

But, you know what I love about Caitriona?  I love that she lets a big great dane sit by her while she is sunbathing on vacation.  I love that she goes up to horses and pets them and kisses them during her spare moments between filming because that is EXACTLY what I would do!  I love that during those breaks, she will also go feed a goat or sit on the ground next to a dog.  I love that she will STOP by a dog on her way to a fashion show in Paris, bend down and pet it while wearing designer clothes!  I love that she does selfies and videos of Eddie.  I’m freaking allergic to cats - severely.  But she has let me be part of her Eddie and love for her which is obvious and apparent.   I love that a fan gave her his baby for pictures and he said how kind she was and, even as he drove off, she remembered their names and called out and waved.  I love that when she went to Ghena, WCC workers there said that it is a very difficult situation to be in when you are a lay-person and not medical.  They said that Caitriona made women laugh - women whose babies were very ill with cancer.  They said she got "right in there."  I love that when I met her, she was warm and kind and I will never EVER forget that.  I love that she loves to laugh.  I love that she loves to make Sam laugh and vice versa.  I love that she can out-drink the entire cast and production primarily of men - and curse more too.  I love that she can hold her own.  I love that she went into a profession later in life and pursued what she loved - not what was easy.  I come up with so many dang excuses for not pursuing the things I really want.  She does it.  I love that when she puts her heart to something, like a marathon, she does it!  She has made me braver in the last three years, and I will be always grateful for that.  She isn’t perfect.  She is far from it.  She has qualities; like all of us, that are hypocritical at times.  It is a mistake to put anyone on a pedestal.  She isn’t a Queen.  She is an actress.  That’s all.  I’m known as an animal lover and I am really trying to learn more and work harder at conservation and proactive in my choices.  But, you know what I did this last week?  My three Starbucks cups were washed but I left them at work.  For three days, I drank from plastic cups and straws that I had to throw away.   That makes me a hypocrite.  It does!  I teach Sunday school but you know what?  Every once in awhile, I still drop that F-bomb and I still question whether what I teach and what I believe are different things sometimes.  We all have moments of inconsistencies. 

Regardless of the beliefs on the engagement and shipping, Sam adores her.  He said she was "good-natured and that is hard to find."   They clearly have a unique relationship and he clearly thinks the world of her.  Ron could never stop gushing over her - her work ethic, her lack of complaining, her talent.  They KNOW her!  She was in the modeling industry and working with the best of the best.  There has not been even a peep of negativity or diva behavior in that career.  Quite the opposite!  

I remember when I bought my first brand spanking NEW car from an actual dealership.  I donated my Ford.  My Grandpa told me that if my donation REALLY mean something, I would have donated my brand new Honda.  I mean???!!  He was right. 

So, as I type this, I am reminded of the reasons I became a fan of hers in the first place.  If I believe in Grace, then I need to extend it as well.   I’m just tired of being negative - at work, at home, on SM.  So, I’m flipping back to positivity.  And, when I can’t do that………..I’m taking a break.

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