What you see as possessiveness I see as Cait being heartily sick and grossed out by the constant sexualization of Sam by Diana, KDS, Leanne and 90% of the fandom. And it’s way worse now than it ever was in 2015.

I get what you‘re saying, anon, and I agree that Caitriona hates the objectification - but that‘s not what it is here.

Watch that moment in the panel. Sam is just reading out a funny quote, just like everyone else - Ron’s was a stupid joke about sex, too. No one was making salacious comments about Sam or his body. Caitriona started losing it when he turned to Diana and directed the sentence at her (and then raised his glass to her) and people loved it. He was flirting with Diana, in jest and for show of course, but he had his back turned on her. That’s what pissed her off and she couldn‘t hide it, even though she was trying really hard.

It‘s all about the context.

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