OK, I must have missed some important things in the fandom. WHEN did Cait move? why? When did Sam buy her flat? And said flat has all her things in it and he is selling them??? OK, I realize I am old, but JHRC! not THAT old to have forgotten this. I took a bit of time away I must have missed it all. Could you ‘splain it to me, please?

Oh well, I am happy to, as in my opinion this is the most important receipt shippers have.

I also want to point out before I launch into this that everything I will write about is based on what Sam and Cait themselves posted. There has been no illegal digging here and no information from “sources” except Sam and Cait and a simple Google search.

1. Cait’s place

Cait  tweeted in Nov 2017 that she was moving offices. It was thought at the time that she could be moving. Indeed, in her grand desire to prove she and Sam did not share an abode (please, Cait…smh) she posted an Eddie video on IG and tweeted a picture of a snow covered Audi in front of “her house”. Also, she posted a video of walking in the snow, reasonable to assume close to her house. It literally took people about a day to find her new address based on that information. It is publicly listed by property sites when this place was sold, Nov 2017. So there you go, Cait likely bought this new place in Nov 2017.

2. Sam’s place, Cait’s old place

I have no idea how people knew where Sam and Cait lived, that was before my time in the fandom, but my guess is also based on Sam and Cait’s post they figured it out.

That being said, Cait’s old apt, which she rented (did not own) was put on the market in Nov 2017, so when she moved out, makes sense. This is based on public property sites and sales history, like zillow or redfin in the US. The apt had previously been purchased before OL had started, so we know Cait didn’t own the old apt. That apt was sold in Jan 2018. Pictures of that apt were listed by the realtor, as would be normal for any realty listing, and you can recognize furniture and apt features that we have seen many times in Cait’s posts. Since Cait was renting the place, none of the furniture etc was technically hers.

In January 2018, conveniently when the apt is listed as sold, Sam tweeted a picture of a cheetah statue (so ugly) which he gave to Wendy as I joke I’m sure. This cheetah we knew came from Cait’s old apt. because as I said, there are pics on the realtor’s website of this cheetah in the living room. There is also the dog statue that Eddie likes..lol. In Feb, Sam then also tweeted a pic of making pancakes, which matched Cait’s kitchen we had seen before. He also tweeted a pic of his snowed in car, lol in front of Cait’s old apt. Finally, he posted a pic of Eddie during Cait’s marathon from the bedroom that we recognize as part of Cait’s old apt. 

All this lead people to conclude that Sam now lives in Cait’s old apt. and in fact bought it in January 2018 for half a million pounds with furniture and all from the previous owner. Which is why he was able to get rid of the ugly cheetah and remodel the bedroom.


Now, why do I say this is the biggest shipper receipt? Because, no guy would buy the apt of his costar bff who he has seen naked and simulated sex with if there was not something going on, cause that’s weird. Also, it is half a million pounds, that is serious money. That trumps whatever that ring she is flashing around cost!!! A guy doesn’t do that unless he is serious about a girl, just sayin. And no, Sam imo is not gay, because he is too comfortable with gay tropes to be a closeted gay man desperately trying to hide it. So… yes, friends, in the end, money and real estate talk, and there is no easy way to explain this purchase of Sam’s or Cait’s comfort in still going there and leaving her cat in his care at the “old” apt. 

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