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Glimmer In The Shadow: Ch.7 - “The Suitor” 

a/n: GITS is slowly coming to an end (actually, this is the last chapter before the epilogue) and we really wanted to thank everyone who enjoyed this story! xx 
PS: this chapter has a little time jump. 

In the blink of an eye, I realised I had been at Helwater for almost two years, tending to people, taking care of William and secretly being married to Jamie. Our days were punctuated by quiet meetings in my surgery, letters passed through John or Isobel or even Jamie sneaking into my room during the night. After Geneva died, we had agreed to keep acting like two simple acquaintances in front of the rest of the estate so Jamie could keep William, and it seemed to be working so far. Another letter had come my way this morning and sitting at my desk, I fondly read his content.

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