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Outlander: See Ian and Rollo in exclusive new images

Ian and Rollo are ready for action!

In these exclusive new images from season 4 of Outlander, the Northern Inuit puppies who take turns playing Rollo the dog demonstrate how comfortable they are at playing man’s — or in this case, Ian’s — best friend.

For those who aren’t familiar with the canine character from Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling book series, Rollo is a wolf hybrid who becomes a beloved member of the Fraser clan. Starz began training two Northern Inuit puppies during season 3 so they were fully prepared to play Rollo, an unpredictable pooch who “gets into trouble, often sticking his large, wet nose into places it doesn’t belong,” said a spokesman.

Bouton, who? It’s Rollo’s world now!

Rollo first comes into contact with Ian (John Bell) In Drums of Autumn, Gabaldon’s fourth book, on which season 4 is based. “Rollo and Young Ian met on the docks in North Carolina, when Young Ian won the dog in a card game, and a life-long bond was formed between them, meaning that Rollo became a member of the ever-growing Fraser family,” Gabaldon told EW in 2017.

“They’d need to growl and look menacing on command, I think, and carry back prey of one kind or another to their master,” Gabaldon said about the then-puppies. “I assume they wouldn’t let them catch things on camera… especially fish, of course.”

WHAT A GOOD PUP! I think Bouton might have something to say about that comment, though!


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