Fanfiction – Scalpel & Needle II (Finale)


“…I still would make the same choice”. This story was a labour of love. Mine, to this vision I so wanted to write. Yours, to me. To the ones who saw something in this and stayed until the end, slàinte mhath. To the ones who had to leave at some point because they didn’t identify with it any longer, slàinte mhath. To the ones who engaged in respectful dialogue and conversation, slàinte mhath.

Every single one of you is in my heart, but three people held me together. @xlisaleinx, my champion and friend and the only person who knew ALL OF IT. @notoversc who sees through me. @missclairebelle spectacular hand-holder and rant-master and a hell of an example in the writing department. Love, always.

Scalpel & Needle (Arc I: Incision), Previously

Scalpel & Needle II

Part XIII – Suture

Surgery together. It was like making love.

His hands, her hands, working in such closeness to achieve a common goal – not completion of their bodies, but wholeness to another. The way they communicated without words, with simple glances above the rim of their masks and subtle movements of half-curved fingers.

In the operating theatre they saw each other for what they really were; and on the nights following days of shared work, they would always seek one another with renewed desire. Certainty. You and I are the same. You love me as I need to be loved.

Claire remembered those moments with longing, flashes of dirtied scrubs and bloody gloves, interspersed with fragments of a walk in the park or a new book under the shelter of fresh sheets – kids in a tent, the moon outside so close, those centimetres of tangled bodies theirs alone.

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