She did make a Twitter apology she was working till 2am on set last night and has to be on set for Monday. It’s a little too late for some with the apology but she made one.

She made it after my post, anon. So, not sure what your trying to say.

She made a thoughtful apology. I do think she erred on not notifying fans earlier that it looked like she probably wouldn’t make it, apologize and indicate she was still trying to work something out but couldn’t promise. Still will have disappointed convention goers but it would have soothed things over quicker and better for many. The silence while she still was on Twitter and IG was a mistake. Being tone deaf on social media has always been a bit of a problem. Still, her tweets felt quite sincere.

I’m personally excited they have film projects. Film fans will check out Outlander and help keep it on air. More interested fans from movies will raise their social media numbers and offer opportunity for more projects.

But, even though cons are a risk for the buyer, they should be a 20% risk of a no-show not an 80% last minute risk of a no-show, when anybody who can read a calendar can compare their film schedules vs con schedules and see that it is likely going to be physically impossible. If Sam’s Visa wasn’t taking so long, he’d probably be headed to SA anyway. Of course the con organizers are going to try to avoid losing revenue even of the expense of fans.

Onward. My boring, working every day summer is about to get interesting starting tomorrow on a boat off the north shore where the chowdah is thick and the accents are thicka . So, I’m focused on a bit of fun before the Red Sox win the World Series, S4 promo starts and the most important mid-terms of our lives takes place.

I also hope they answer more questions at the NYCC. They really wasted time last year with the dancing, especially if they knew they were showing 301. The questions are a way to make ALL fans feel involved.

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