But if she was, in fact, still trying to get there as of 3am this morning (which would already be 6 am on the east coast), she wouldn’t really be “days” late, would she? We don’t know when she found out her schedule changed, do we? And if if her apology is hours late – it’s really only owed to the NJ con attendees, not the public in general via SM. In this fandom, I fear, nothing is ever enough when it concerns CB. (And as for signing up for a con-never! I don’t like crowds or long lines.)

She wouldn’t have been days late but I still think her explanation was. Something should have been said as soon as they realized she’d have to cancel. Then, if you think there’s a small chance you might catch a flight and make it for a portion of the weekend, say that. Keep us in the loop. Don’t make time time to retweet random unrelated messages while you wait to find out what’s happening and when you realize it’s a no go…don’t go home to bed without taking the extra ten minutes and sending off your apology. I love Cait. Don’t get me wrong. But I think she’s only human and she sucks at SM, and, for the hundredth time today…Where’s her team?

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