I love when anons come and try to get bloggers to say something negative and then bloggers like you and soka are such realists and always answer in that way. It’s refreshing. The one thing in all of this that is the truth regardless of anything else is those two have each other’s backs, are a unit, a team.

They are absolutely a team. Having each other’s back…a critical component in any relationship imo.

I said yesterday that Sam would not have agreed to a Skype call-in to the con without knowing that Cait would do the same. He would never make her look bad or leave her hanging and he didn’t.

And Cait depends on his support. She does not lead a separate life in any way I can discern. She even tweets his non-OL costars now…

She is in LA busy, shooting sometimes apparently till 2am, and Sam will be busy too in SA. That’s not leading a separate life, that’s temporarily traveling for work, so, let’s not confuse things.

Interesting that Cait herself has used the having each other’s back description for Jamie and Claire and her and Sam, so, she is aware how important that is.

She can wear a ring and whatever, but I see only one man in her life who is a true partner.. just sayin

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