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Sèididh Ùine - Veil Of Time: Ch.1 - “Sassenach” 

After spending five years as a combat nurse during WWII, Claire Beauchamp decides to make a home in the Scottish Highlands when she finds an ancestral home to renovate.

a/n: As DJ Khaled would say: “another one”, yup…we canna be stopped and we hope you love this new au! Enjoy <3

Strange, the things you remember… Single images and feelings that stay with you down through the years, like that time Claire Beauchamp realized she had never owned a vase. She never lived anywhere long enough to justify such a simple purchase…until now.

Claire had spent the last five years as a combat nurse, healing soldiers at the front, all the while losing her husband and her beloved uncle to the bloody war. Before that, her childhood and upbringing were spent all over the world with her Uncle Lambert, digging on archeological sites. She had married Frank Randall at only nineteen and they had been happy…until the war tore them apart and left her a young widow.

Now, six months after the end of the war, she took her uncle’s inheritance and moved to Scotland to start anew and to find a home…away from pain and heartbreak with sole company, the soothing sounds of the wind and the music of the Highlands.

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