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2 Golden Globes 👀

Not only do I believe the engagement is fake so is big T….I dislike him more all the time….how can you ignore this precious gem of a woman on such a special night?? It’s disgusting…..

This wasn’t just another one of those random industry events she’s hauled him to either. This was the night People Magazine was announcing their engagement FFS, and he’s not the least bit interested in her, how she’s taking the news that she didn’t win, how she’s feeling, since she’d supposedly been unwell…he’s totally distracted, like he’s still thinking about how cool he must have looked in his stealthy Pink Panther walk behind the This Is Us cast. What a disgusting charade.

@mama-tumblz Is it wrong that I still laugh every time T takes that first step into frame on the red carpet right on cue with the music from The Pink Panther theme song?  If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Even the Starz lady was looking at Cait with fondness. I believed the EFH earlier than probably everyone else. As in, I had a hunch that the Oz gossip was deliberately planted. But then I saw all these various videos from GG and, NO WAY. I don’t blindly worship Cait, but at the end of the day I really like her, and my heart and my head refuse to believe this is the life she has chosen. I’d be really sad for her if it were. And this is not even considering the Sam factor.

Same here. How can anyone not look at Cait with fondness? Sigh. I worship no one but I have a soft spot for Cait, who only starts her acting career relatively late and still is not very famous outside OL despite of her talent and beauty.

I have had mixed feelings since 2018, sad, shocked or even pissed but most of all, very worried.

From what we can observe and available in public domain, T, as explained as shy and private, often appears oblivious to his surrounding at public functions. My husband is a diplomat and I’m also working in overseas liaison office. Attending functions, formal and casual, hosted by ministers or company CEOs, are part of our daily job. As plus one or the invitee myself, we seldom see someone who is as disconnected as T at an event. I understand the functions we attend are entirely different from HW RC or equivalents that Cait and T are attending. But there are some norms quite common across different social settings. After all, it’s not rocket science?

We don’t always enjoy the socia functions, but we never forget, we are the guests invited to join for free meal and booze, as well as networking opportunities. We try to contribute by smiling politely, by being attentive and supportive to, or engage smal talks with, our partner, our colleagues, and the host. If we attend functions as couple, we are working as a team, we are a single unit, Mr. and Mrs. Wearing shades to evening or indoor events……it’s rare, but people have the right to do so. Attending social functions with spouse and at the same time, appear withdrawn and detached, not only to the crowd but also to one’s own partner, contradicts, if not defeats, the purpose of attending the social functions. Being a plus one, in a civilised relationship, is not an obligation, it’s a gesture of showing support to my partner. If I choose to be there, I’d honour my choice and respect the social expectations imposed on me in those social settings.

I’d say my experience at work and as a diplomat’s wife confine my basis of opinion thus form the prejudice, and give rise to my sentiment about Cait’s relationship. What I can observe about her “partner”, doesn’t seem to possess the social grace that I’d expect Cait’s partner should have. And I’d back to the beginning that I adore Cait and I believe she deserves better. Certainly they don’t have to convince us by showing us anything otherwise, because we were told more than once they are very private. But until we are given more materials for observations, I have nothing to work for adjusting my above impression about Cait and her partner. I’d continue to stay worried for her.

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