DG is right up there with the unprofessionalism. Why air your grievances about not being invited to a con on SM. Such bad form and makes her look ridiculous.

DG knows what she is doing.  She knew she wasn’t invited.  They don’t put these things together last minute.  She never heard from them.  What she did was wait till there was a good announcement made that she could publicly rally her cult around.  Why wasn’t she having her agent call the organizers asking for her to be invited?  Why wasn’t she writing to Starz or Sony and asking for a spot as she felt she was due?  Maybe she was.  Maybe she was brushed off.  What she DID do, was take it public in such a way that all the asslicking book huggers could express their OUTRAGE that she was left out.  After all, there wouldn’t be this series without HERSELF.  (gimme a break).  Just one more example of the way this fandom is manipulated on a daily basis.  

That is not even taking into account how foolish she looked doing that.  For such a prideful woman, that was pretty humiliating. 

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