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Chapter 6
The Prodigal

Uncle Lamb waved to her as she made her way to him.  

“Well, how did it go?” He tried to take her suitcase but she hooked her arm through his instead.

“I was very nervous, but it went well!  I managed to interview who I needed to, and complete the research to finish my paper.”

“Well done, Girl, well done.  Seems I can leave this all behind, and in good hands.”  She slowed her pace to his.  She’d never noticed how frail he’d gotten lately.

“Don’t talk like that, Uncle Lamb.”  She squeezed his arm.

“I’m not going to last forever, you know.”  He winked at his niece.  

“I know,” she answered him.  “Just don’t disappear on me yet.”

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this is storytelling par excellence

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