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Okay. I have to ask.

I‘m a bit out of the loop due to real life tragedies, but I‘m seeing so much talk about Sam skyping from *that* apartment. Many people seem to be confused or even surprised.

So, my question is, and maybe I‘m missing something, but: how is it surprising? How is it confusing?

We‘ve known for a while that he/they bought the apartment that was formerly rented by Starz for Caitriona to live in.

We‘ve known for a while that Sam now officially lives there. We‘ve known for a while that he/they got rid of some of the stuff that belonged to the previous owner (the cheetah statue 😄) and had some remodelling done (for example the bedroom wall).

We‘ve also known for a while that, even though he had the wall color changed, he sleeps in frilly, womanly bedding. He bought a very expensive apartment, got rid of stuff he didn’t like and removed the womanly wallpaper, but he didn’t have any money left/didn’t bother to get new, less frilly bedding? Sure.

What we’ve also known for a while is that he sleeps on the same side as the person who took the fist bump pic with Caitriona in that same bed in that same room and whose hand looks exactly like Sam‘s and nothing like the person she‘s publicly engaged to.

We‘ve known for a while that Caitriona’s cat Eddie, who scratches and bites men who cat sit her, is so comfortable with Sam that she happily curls up on his chest in the bed that‘s been her territory for years. Something she used to do with Simon in LA, the person Caitriona used to live with back then. And also that she stayed at that apartment while Caitriona was in London for less than 48 hours instead of staying in the „new“ flat that is only minutes away. (The flat she‘s posted from a couple of times and where she seems to work.)

We‘ve also known for a while that Sam has been spending his nights at that apartment for years (ever since the selfie of him watching football on the living room floor, sometime in 2016, I think? And lest we forget the fact that Caitriona knows what time he gets up in the morning to go to the gym). Way before he officially bought it. And let‘s not forget that he bought *that* one, even though there were several identical apartments for sale in the same neighborhood at the time.

So…I mean.

I’ve said it before: we have lots and lots of receipts. Some obvious, but from long ago (Sam and Caitriona on a trip to Paris in December 2013; Sam and Caitriona cuddling on set; Sam saying „I love you!“ to Caitriona and kissing her on the forehead at Paley or him saying that he „first“ met her parents when they visited the Outlander set). Others are more recent and subtle (like him tweeting about watching Scrooged on Christmas Eve 2016, while the only place on earth where that very movie was airing at the time was Ireland; or Caitriona admitting to their Ibiza vacation, or them being close to each other‘s friends). You can try to refute all or some of them (long shot, but there are always those who explain it all away or just ignore things that don‘t fit in their picture). And then there‘s THIS. „It‘s more than a receipt to me“, that‘s what I said a while ago and I stand by it.

To me, it‘s confirmation. Because you absolutely cannot explain it any other way.

People can call me delusional or crazy all they want, I don’t care, but I think they‘re lying to themselves if they choose to ignore this and don‘t even doubt the engagement story for a second. Listen, I don’t mean to offend anyone, we all have our own way to filter things, form an opinion and deal with the picture we see. Maybe it‘s easier for some people to just ignore it and *choose* to believe Sam and Caitriona aren‘t lying to us - ignorance is bliss, I know. But still. If you believe it, it‘s a conscious decision. A conscious decision to block out the largest, most important piece of this messed up puzzle.

👏👏👏 @lisalein-sails ! Well said! It’s not the least bit surprising or confusing

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