Sam so rarely has time to have fun doing normal things with non-actors that he deserves these days of normalcy and these guys will let him replace anyone on their teams if he’s available, not hard to imagine. Look how happy he was!!! After sitting for 5 hours straight talking to fans, he looked exhausted!! Easy guys, there isn’t any celebrity out there that would do that for anyone.

1. Sam should take responsibility for his inability to fulfill the obligation he signed up for. Nobody forced him to do the cons that he cancelled. Can’t be certain of his schedule? Don’t commit
to so many cons and cancel and lash out at fans who are disappointed.

2. He is getting paid whether he shows up physically or on Skype. Saying that he spent 5 hours engaging fans - and nobody else would do that - is egotistical.

3. Optics matters. Cancelling cons and going about his own business and looking like he was having the time of his life might be fine for him but think about the fans who spent their time and money hoping to meet him in person but having to contend with his shifting reasons and/or excuses.

4. Fans need to stop infantilizing him. He is an almost 40 year old man who does not need to be defended and coddled. He is an adult who should take responsibility for his own mess.

5. His outburst today makes me wonder if fame, adoration and hero-worship is blinding him to his own mistakes.

6. He should have kept his cool on SM instead of acting like a man child who throws tantrums at the slightest criticism.

7. Fans are consumers. They are entitled to voice displeasure.

8. He plays Jamie Fraser. He is not Jamie Fraser.

9. He is an actor. He is not your friend.

10. (Add anything else you like)

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