The best thing about meltdown days in this fandom, seriously…


Whether it be here or Twitter, it always, without fail, lets me know whom to block. The asskissers make me so nauseous I am going on a spree!

Look, be upset or don’t, but the fans had every right to shade him after they spent that money. Like it or not, he’s nearly 40, has a mother, and doesn’t need you to defend him 24/7. If he is so much of a people pleaser that he can’t take hurt feelings and snark on twitter, he needs help, of the professional sort and a new damn SM team. I love Sam for a lot of reasons, but this passive/aggressive shit from him is not one of them. Nice that Cait said he was “the best” again, and raise your hand if you didn’t see her responding to a tweet like that today? I would have bet money she would, just saying.

Sorry for that late audio Anon I owe, something came up IRL, have it and another one sort of figured out, look for them this week, and maybe, just maybe another surprise!


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