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Sèididh Ùine - Veil Of Time: Ch.2 - “Dreams”

a/n: Happy tuesday! We’re so happy you loved chapter one of this story and we hope you enjoy this one just as much <3 

Chapter 1 

Jamie had no idea how long he’d been running from the redcoats, but it was the least of his worries as he receded further and further into the woods. He needed to get away, as quickly as possible before they caught him and most likely hang him before sunset. He ran, he had no idea for how long and even forgot the pain in his shoulder – he simply needed to get away.

There was something pulling him towards Craig Na Dun – the fairy hill – a soft voice, like a siren call too powerful to resist and the red-headed scot couldn’t control himself. His head was spinning, the sound of pistols coming closer and closer. Without hesitation, Jamie touched the middle stone and everything turned pitch black.

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