Hello there again Beacon Anon!


Thanks for coming back! I apologize for not getting to this ask right away, but I wanted to give it a bit of thought before I posted.

I think you answered the first question yourself already lol. Yes, I am a shipper, so I obviously think their relationship is that of a loving one. One where they care about each other deeply. One where they light up around each other (or even just when the other is mentioned) more than I see them do any other time ever. One where they support each other, defend each other, tease each other, all in equal parts. One where making the other person smile or laugh is just as important as their own happiness. One where I believe they are their best selves when they are together. And, perhaps most importantly, one where I believe – based on everything we’ve witnessed between them – they are happiest together. I think everything else is secondary to that. 

I get why people don’t agree with these points of view. And that’s fine. And I truly appreciate the way you approach things, Anon. Not that people with opposing views need to stay quiet, but that you respect the fan-and-let-fan way of life 👍

For me, all of the other different “scenarios” that you mentioned pale in comparison.

It’s kind of like we’re watching a video and the picture doesn’t line up with the audio. Is it the audio that’s slow or the video? With the logic and evidence that I’ve seen I know which I believe, even if some may see that same logic and evidence and believe the opposite. What we’re hearing is “true” doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what we’re seeing to be true. That’s a weird comparison lol but that’s the way I see it.

No matter which opinion you stand with, I think one thing is (or should be) clear to anyone who even spends one second observing them: they are one of the most important people in each other’s lives. There is absolutely no denying that. And it’s just beautiful to witness 💜💜💜


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