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Old Mill. Wow!

This is a water wheel situated outside the entrance to Huanglong Cave (Yellow Dragon Cave), near the Wulingyuan district of Zhangjiajie City, Hunan, China.

As mentioned on Wikipedia - “The cave itself includes four levels, thirteen chambers, three underground waterfalls, two underground rivers, three pools, ninety-six passages, as well as an underground lake. The largest chamber in the cave is 43,000 sq ft and the highest of the three waterfalls is 160 ft high. The guided tour through the cave lasts about two hours and includes a boat ride down one of the underground rivers.”

The music that has been added to the video is a disservice, because it completely detracts from the sound of the water wheel. It also doesn’t get across just how big the water feature is.

You can find a video without music here:

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