Loss (Act II), Part Eight


@sassenachwaffles​, @notevenjokingfic​, @gotham-ruaidh, and @kkruml kept me going with this when I wanted to quit. I think I just needed a week off from it while I was going through some things. We will be back to a weekly posting schedule on this now  xx.

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Loss: Act II
Part Eight

Sea salt-slicked cheeks. Making love under a red and white umbrella on the beach. Uttered assurances that no one would see us moving together.  Sun-ripened noses glossy with ocean and sweat. We were warm with sunshine and the fact of our marriage just days earlier.

Jamie had an infatuation with inspecting our ring fingers every night for tan lines.

“What do you want most in the world?” I had asked, lying on my side on a striped towel with my fingers tracing the curved bump of each of his ribs one by one.

“I want to love ye forever, take care of ye forever. To be strength for ye always.”  Humming a little, I placed my mouth on the swell of his bicep and breathed in the scent of him. “Christ you are beautiful.”

“If you say so,” I mumbled into his arm, grunting a little when he resisted my efforts to wrap my legs around him.

“Do ye not believe me? Have I ever lied to ye?”

“That’s not what I mean.” I sighed a little, attempting to blow a curl out of my eyes. He relented, guiding my thigh up over his stomach as he took care of moving the curl for me. “If you say it, then it’s true. You make it true.”

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