Loss Ficlet: Glasgow


I received this prompt four months ago (literally – one hundred and twenty days ago!):

Please please please write about Jamie and Claire’s antics on a night out (maybe a Subcrawl? famous Glaswegian tour of debauchery) I love how they are genuinely partners in crime in Loss. ps. all Scottish nights out end with chippy chips at 3am :D

Sounds like a crazy night, anon! Thanks to @sassenachwaffles and @kkruml for the last-minute read through. <3


Loss (Modern AU) 
September 2016

Despite the fact that it was only a short train ride from Edinburgh, I had never been to Glasgow.  Save the tragedy of his father’s passing or visiting his family, I had never been away with Jamie.

The three-day weekend happened a little unexpectedly. One Thursday night, while I was feeling a bit droopy with teeth whitening trays in and a hardened clay mask flaking from my face, Jamie showed up at my flat. When I opened the door, one hip cocked to the side, Jamie immediately said, “Ye look beautiful.”

Although his voice was touched by only the barest trace of humor, his self-satisfied smirk made him look like the cat that swallowed the canary.

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