She got engaged and not a single friend or co-worker commented “oh, I remember the day you met The Maestro” . 🤔 Not even in this post where she says she’s proud of the place she arrived.

I don’t see how Mr. Undertaker is relevant in that post at all. Let’s not take the lime light from the woman’s hard work, shall we? Give credit when credit is due. She worked hard and established two different careers before hitting 40. Sure, she has good genes and that’s already a step-up but she has good work ethics. As for the place she arrived in and the journey, collaborative (with Roland) or otherwise, it’s interesting that it circles back to Roland. What was the point of that person bringing up the day she met Roland? How and why is that relevant to her post? One really has to wonder…their lives are so intertwined that people just can’t see beyond that. #bettertogether. 

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