The nerve of Cait, having an opinion! Unacceptable!



This comment left on Cait’s IG, seems a tad on the drama queenish, over reaction side of things. 

Dickhead, you can recast Claire with Kim Jong Un, but that’s not going to change Cait’s opinion. 

You see, Claire is a character that Cait plays, Cait is a real true god living person, Claire is not. Cait and her opinions and the show OL are two different things, they have nothing to do with each other. 

And seems as Cait is indeed a true god living person and a functioning member of this world, she is entitled to an opinion, and is freely able to express that opinion where and whenever she wishes, as do the rest of us functioning members of this world, and yes that includes dickheads. 

Furthermore it’s her IG account, which even more entitles her to say whatever the fuck she wants. If you don’t like Cait or what she has to say, then don’t visit her SM and read what she has to say. It really is that simple.

FYI, Kim rang and he wants his communist ideologies back and said to remember who the dictator is here.    

OMG. This is persecution. Living in a place where civic freedoms are being eroded blatantly by the government day by day, I don’t have words for people who behave this way in the US of A, supposedly the freest country in the world.

In Philosophy, this is a very common logical fallacy we call Ad Hominem. One attacks the opponent who put forward an argument, instead of debating the argument.

It’s a tactic to evade the discussion on whether the argument itself is valid by discrediting and threatening the opponent.

By the same token, to give an argument is not necessarily to attack or criticize someone.

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