Please, explain something to me. Why is it so important when S/C are online together on SM? I’ve been in the fandom for a year and I’ve missed a lot. Can’t it be a coincidence?

It could be chalked up to a coincidence if it only happened when they were working on the Outlander set at the same time or if it didn’t happen constantly, consistently, over the last 4+ years. They are almost always online at the same time on nights and weekends, and when they’re on vacation or working several time zones apart.

Just as a tiny example, when Cait was in Venice on vacation and Sam cancelled a con appearance the same weekend and then disappeared, online together all the time - Sam posted a pic of Edinburgh and Cait liked it so fast Instagram couldn’t refresh. When she was in LA and he was in Australia for his S2 promo tour - constantly online at the same time like they were checking in with each other. Now she’s supposedly in LA working (doubtful she’s been there for the last week+) and he is in SA for work, same online times again.

These are not coincidences anymore. They are patterns. Call me delusional if you want, but the patterns of the last 4+ years tell far more than their words do.

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