notevenjokingfic: A huge thank you to @balfeheughlywed for this chapter.  She was the one who read…



A huge thank you to @balfeheughlywed for this chapter.  She was the one who read it and told me it needed to breathe…to give Jamie and Claire time.  Thanks again, Lauren.  You were right.

Chapter 8
The Goodbye

She’d buried him years ago, missed him every day, dreamt of him from time to time. This dream was different.

She sat up suddenly, tears streaming down her face, her own voice crying out his name, waking her.

In her dream he was right there, as vivid as if he were still alive.  He looked like he did before he got old, in the early days of their time together.  His hair was dark, his glasses round, spine straight, hands perfect before the arthritis bent them.

In her dream he was laughing, talking to someone, a person he clearly cared for, loved even, because he was beaming.  She couldn’t see the person, couldn’t hear them, but could feel Uncle Lamb’s happiness at seeing them.  He took a step forward, disappeared.

Right before he vanished she heard him say, Henry!

Her father.  He’d been talking to her father.  

Spoke his name.

Then disappeared.  

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