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If you’re in need of ‘faith in humanity: restored’ news, a duck suddenly appeared on a remote island in the Pacific and no one’s sure how he even made it (the closest landmass, New Zealand, is about 1700 miles away) but, like, the entire population is now devoted to the duck’s wellbeing and that’s the first duck they’ve ever seen so they named him and Googled what he eats (not bread!) and built him an artificial pond and now ‘there are concerns he might be lonely’, so there’s talk of importing other ducks to keep him company and yeah, the world is still batshit insane but isn’t this the sweetest thing?

Anyway, meet Trevor.

i fact checked this to verify and op forgot the BEST PART

@elodieunderglass this seems like your jam

The local fire service have been refilling the pond when it gets low! :D

Please note that Trevor Mallard is a lovely man who is honorary uncle to the fantastic number of babies in Parliament - and regularly holds them during session, and even while holding votes. If you’re gonna name a duck after someone because their name is a humorous fit, this guy’s a terrific choice.

And additionally, for the cute.

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