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I started to write the Loss honeymoon and inadvertently created a whole backstory about how they decided to go where they went. The Honeymoon itself is mostly written, but until then –– here’s a little ficlet that felt out of place with the romance of those days. I would say that this is not fluff, but it feels important to me in their story. It is before the at-home handfasting and after J&C move in to the Jamie Claire Dream House With Accessory Shed ™.

Loss Ficlet (Modern AU)
May 2018

Jamie and I booked our honeymoon when we were half-drunk on red wine and coming off one of the worst arguments of our relationship.  

A few weekends before our wedding, we had been working in tandem in the shed we had fashioned into half office and half gardening center. Dragging me onto his lap, his breath whisky warm on my neck, he said, “An island. I want to take a bikini off of ye.”

I hazarded a glance at the screen of his laptop, brows furrowed and concerned about what I would see there. “Excuse me?”

“A honeymoon. On an island.”

“Oh,” I breathed, melting back into him as his fingers worked from jeans-clad hip up to rest under my sweater at my waist.

“Which island are you thinking?” My head tilted, granting his lips a much improved access point to my throat. I wanted nothing more than to wander back to each other through touch and the planning of a too-expensive holiday to commemorate our nuptials.

“Yer choice, lass.” His thumb lazily flicked open the button on my jeans as his hands turned their attention to my thighs.

I took a moment to steady my breath. My response nonetheless came out as a slurred mumble: “Give me choices.”

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