notevenjokingfic: This came together because of the amazing @missclairebelle who, late one night,…



This came together because of the amazing @missclairebelle who, late one night, helped me work out what didn’t make sense, and how to structure this finale.  

Thank you all for reading this story, for your lovely comments, and your encouraging DMs.  I appreciate you all.  

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Chapter 10
The End

In the end, The British Archaeological Society awarded the Best Archaeological Project to Dr. Claire Beauchamp, in conjunction with the University of The Highlands and Islands, for her original approach in combining the fine arts with science.  Her idea of creating a life sized sculpture based on a digital image using skeletal remains found on Culloden Moor resulted in a visual representation of an 18th Century Highland Warrior the likes no one had ever seen before.  

During the awards night, Geillis Duncan collected the honour on Claire’s behalf, saying, “The Claire I knew would never have missed this.  She held this Society in the highest regard.  The Claire I knew would never purposely miss the opportunity to thank you all.”  

After the speech, many commented on Ms. Duncan’s turn of phrase, suggesting the Claire she knew was no longer.  Many assumed it was her grief talking, and offered their wishes for Dr. Beauchamp’s safe return.  Geillis acknowledged their condolences with a cold stare.    

Ten years after her disappearance Dr. Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp was officially declared dead.  

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